Monday, July 13, 2009

Like life isn't weird enough already.

I like to do the daily crossword. Must have done hundreds, no, thousands of them. These days I do the one on Yahoo's homepage. Last week I made up a game within the game. How far could I go through the across clues before I was stymied? Never too far up until now. I'd keep track and have something to shoot for. So I began....and didn't stop until I'd answered every one. I employed a crutch though. For each across clue, I had a few down clues revealed. I could look at them for a letter here and a letter there.

Opening rack in Scrabble and I'd been looking at it for awhile. I knew they were good, no great tiles and there had to be a seven letter word. I let the computer sleep while I ate and watched Two and 1/2 Men. Charlie was, for some mysterious reason, determined to avoid his neighbor, Rose. She was obsessed with Charlie to the point of stalking him. It was their 'shtick'. So dinner over, I turn the screen back on and took about a second to see S T A L K E R. It's weird sometimes.


  1. Life is full of weirdness. Years and years ago, I was at Norah's, in the Towers. We were watching Mork and Mindy. During the show, the doorbell rang, 'blat, blat, blat.' At the EXACT SAME TIME Norah's door bell rang, blat, blat, blat, RIGHT ON TOP OF THE SHOW'S DOORBELL. We looked at each other--Did that happen? Her bell rang again--she raced to answer. It was you!

  2. This sounds like a perfect Woodard moment. I miss him a lot.