Monday, June 22, 2009

Smells like summer

My friends Norah and Margaret came by yesterday with strawberries and blueberries from Sauvie's Island. The last strawberries I bought from Safeway were big and red, and even tasted and smelled vaguely like real strawberries. Of course they were as expensive as they were tasteless, so I ate them out of principle. So, yes, I am enjoying my fresh berries this morning and thanks ladies! For Father's Day my stepson Nick rolled me over to our local movie house, the totally cool St Johns Twin Cinema, to watch 'Up'. Another home run for Pixar. Beautifully drawn (oops, they don't "draw" anymore, do they?), really funny and heartwarming. You'll love Kevin & Doug! We stopped at our friend Jeffrey's gelato shop next door to grab a pint to go and shoot the breeze for a minute before rolling home. Wimbledon starts today (speaking of strawberries) and once again I'm not seeded. With Rafa out, Fed's chances of getting that 15th slam look pretty good, but look out for Murray. Peace

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